Project Gallery

  • Paradise Waterfall Video

    Hand picked natural armour stone, finding a top piece with natural water wear contours.

  • Pool Upgrade Video

    Give your pool a new look by adding a water feature.

  • Concrete Septic Tank Installation

    Concrete septic tank being installed.

    New Septic System

    Progress shots of a septic system being installed.

  • Leading Edge Innovations

    We service southern Ontario’s snow removal needs. From plowing snow, de-icing, or relocating snow, we can handle your winter maintenance needs.


    Our new F550, with our 279C Skid Steer, allow us to mobilize quickly on any commercial site, and complete large scale snow removal, and de-icing project.

    Cottage Septic Design/Install

    We worked again on a small lot to install this standard gravity feed septic system.

    Three more Septic Systems

    Three more Septic System going in around the Durham, and Georgina areas.

    Beachfront Steps

    We worked with the home owner and the Conservation Authority.

    Waterfront Restoration

    An entire restoration project for a waterfront property. This included installing 150 meters of shoreline restoration, using the Lake Simcoe Conservation Authorities, natural boulder, and local planting system. Along with a cedar shake shed. Whether along the Black River, the Maskinonge River, or any river!, we can help.

    Giant Flag Driveway

    As straight forward as it gets. This is a large driveway that has been built out of 6-inch thick giant flagstone

    Backyard Natural Landscape

    A total remake of a backyard. The grade was redone, install large blue spruce, with large mulch beds.

    Outdoor BBQ

    This is a shot of an outdoor BBQ set in natural granite stone. And with and armour stone backing. Located in Keswick.

    Outdoor Dining

    An outdoor kitchen, with an interlocking pad, and a pea gravel pathway. And outdoor dinner room area. Surrounded by pea gravel. A shot of both the kitchen and the dining area.

  • Curb Appeal

    A shot of a front entrance to a home owner’s house. We allowed them to entering the house from the centre of their driveway, using natural armour stone and giant flagstone steps. Finished off with a wet lay of interlocking over their front porch.

    Backyard Transformation

    Large scale retaining wall, allowing the client to reclaim a large amount of their backyard. As such they turned a lot of unusable space into a green lawn. Another shot from the same project. Just showing the steps installed in the centre of the wall.

    Backyard Delight

    A total overhaul of an existing backyard. This is a shot of the sunken fire pit area. With garden beds around it. And a blue glass, natural gas fire pit. A close up shot of that sunken fire pit area. A far away shot of this project. Which included a three tear curtain waterfall feature….

  • Backyard Paradise Video

    Backyard Paradise video.

    Riverside Restoration

    Shoreline erosion control, restoration, and naturalization project.

  • New Machines, Same Service

    We have added two brand new CASE tractors to our line-up.

    Rear Entrance

    A before and after shot of upgrading an existing pool. Located near Newmarket.

    Natural Stone Staircase

    A natural stone stair case allowing for water front access.

    Front Yard Revamp

    A collaboration between landscape designer Kyle Foch, a carpenter, and Stilescape to complete this front entrance overhaul.

    Pool Paradise

    A before and after shot of upgrading an existing pool. Located near Newmarket.

  • Country Home New Build

    Leaching Bed on Grade, with a pressurized system, and engineered fill.

  • Commercial Septic Upgrade

    Installing a 2 stage tertiary septic system, with a pressurized leaching bed. We use the Bio-Nest treatment System. Which we have found out performs the Waterloo systems. This project was completed for an agricultural facility, located in Zephyr.

  • FINN Bark Blower Video

    FINN Bark Blower.

    Cottage Dreamscape

    Stairway to Paradise info copy.